Friday, 17 November 2017

Safe Cycling

Safe Cycling 

Today for our Safe Cycling project we made an intersection on the floor with tape. First we got into a group of four Jada, Paige, Sienna and I made a roundabout. after we finished making the intersection we used toy cars on the roundabout. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017


This is my Shield volcano just like Mauna Loa in Hawaii. I used Seeds, Rocks, Bark and Leaves to make Texture.

1st First I made the shape of my volcano out of Chicken wire.

  2nd I started to Paper Mache, I had to do 3 Layers it took about one week. Once I had finished doing my Paper Mache I started Painting. 

A Volcano/Puia is an opening in the earth's surface where magma can escape from below. Damage from Volcanoes can cause major death toll and Years of repairing buildings. I'm going to talk about what are volcanoes, what are the deadliest volcanic eruptions ever recorded and What Impact do volcanoes have on the world we live in.

What is a Volcano?

Volcanoes can come in all shapes and sizes; there are 4 major Shapes of volcanoes Cinder cone, Composite, Shield and Lava dome. Then there are the stages of volcanoes which are Active Dormant and Extinct. Dormant volcanoes are ones that are “sleeping” or have not erupted in years. Sometimes dormant volcanoes can still erupt. Active Volcanoes are ones that have erupted in the past 100 years or so and is most likely to erupt soon. Extinct volcanoes have not erupted in a very long time and will most likely not to erupt ever again/takarure. Did you know there are 48 extinct volcanoes only/anake in auckland.

Volcanic Rocks
Group: Volcanic/igneous
Color: White
How It Is Formed: Formation of Rhyolite usually is in continental margin volcanic eruptions where the granitic magma reaches the surface.
Facts: Due to the spontaneous release of Huge amounts of trapped gases, the eruptions of Rhyolite may be highly explosive.

Eruptions not only produce Rhyolite, but also can produce Pumice, Obsidian, or tuff. They all have similar compositions but different cooling conditions

Group: Volcanic/igneous
Color: Black
How It Is Formed: Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It is produced when lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal.
Facts: Obsidian can only form near active volcanoes

When obsidian breaks, the fractures are very sharp which is why it was used for tools

Group: Volcanic/igneous
Color: Light coloured
How It Is Formed:The Vesicles are actually gas bubbles trapped inside during rapid cooling in the molten magma. The materials cool so fast that the atoms cant get into a crystal form, so pumice is amorphous volcanic glass known as a “mineraloid”
Facts: Pumice is short for Pumicite
The size of pumice can range from tiny dust particles to pumice pieces the size of a house.


What impact do Volcanoes have on the World we live in?

Stones/ rocks
Pyroclastic flows
Loss of humans and animals

Volcanoes can cause Lahars, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Pollution to the Air from the Ash and much more. Did you know when Mt Tambora erupted in 1816 that year was considered the year without summer.  A Lahar is a mixture of mud water and other debris which can flow down and bury near by towns and cities. Volcanic gases can cause difficulty in breathing, increased heart rate and death, even worse is the damage caused by the Pyroclastic Flows. These are avalanches of rock and ash up to 700 degrees celsius that move more than 50 miles and hour destroying everything in their path.


Volcanoes can also Help us with growing crops or Horticulture Because The ash can be used as fertilizer. Some volcanic minerals can help us with everyday objects and some can cost millions of dollars depending on the size of it. Just some of the Minerals can be Aluminum, Copper, Diamond, Gold, Lead, Zinc and Nickel.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

My Calendar Art

This is my calendar art
Calendar Art

For our calendar art we had to split the piece of paper into 5 sections and make squares; we had to make the squares not even to give it a more of a unique look. I did animals other people did sports or motorbikes mainly the boys. Then after we made the 5 uneven squares we made little designs and coloured it in i did cold an hot colours. We also had to chose silhouettes i did a Elephant, Rabbit, Goat, Humming Bird and a Fantail Then I had to glue it on and i'm done. In a few weeks it will be sent off and made into a calendar.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Thank You Jeff

Room 6/7 IMG_20170518_105752.jpg
Parkvale School
Howard St 4122


Dear Jeffy Weffy

I am writing this letter to say thank you for coming to camp, and for making our pancakes they were YUM!!  Thanks for using your time and energy with us. Thank you for encouraging me on the wire bridge, even though you were kinda making it worse soz :)

My highlight was the amazing race, my favorite part was eating dry or wet food. For some reason I picked dry it was so bad.  Annique gave us weetbix and we had to eat it by itself.  I ate one and so did Sienna. Caitlyn only ate half so that meant Keiarliya had to eat one and a half, she said that she didn't mind.

My Second highlight was Kayaking because Sienna and I were banging into people, Lyric and Tia hit us and I fell out it was freezing. The most exciting thing was jumping in at the end. The lake was so cold and deep too, but I only felt the cold when I got to the surface.

My last highlight was caving because I really liked going to the weta nursery I saw two huge Wetas in the corner, to bad I couldn't see anymore because my torch was horrible and it ran out of batteries but I was probably just standing on most of them.

Did you know that there are 70 species of wetas all over New Zealand. The giant wetas relatives are the tusked weta and the tree weta.

Yours sincerely

Dannii Mawson

Monday, 20 March 2017

My special place

My Special Place

  • Nature
  • Horses
  • Family
  • Natural hot pools

My special place is where you can lie on the warm ground and listen to music in the trees. Listening to the flowing rivers just makes me want to jump in them right now. I love listening to the to the birds chirping like music at a parade in the morning just waiting for me to get up.

I love going down to see the horses Lucy and Apples. I named it Apples because every time me and my cousins would go for a Walk to the river We would have apples/food in our bag. The horse would always Come over to us and we would have to give him a couple of apples before we went.

I love going to this place every year because I would go there with my family. One thing I love doing with my family Is going for walks down to the river and swimming there. After our swim we would lie in the rocks that were as warm as fire and fall asleep.

On the last day of staying There we would all go for an hour long drive to this stunning place where there is a natural hot pool. It Says “Natural” because the water is heated by itself.It's heated by the minerals that it produces and the magma down deep in the rocks.

Kuripapango Is my special place